27 Jan 2012

Julia Gillard given the Slipper, Tony Abbott given the boot.

Tony Abbott's diplomacy has once again reached a high, his untimely comments about the tent embassy were reacted to exactly as you would expect. It fired up some of the younger protesters to take stupid actions and did nothing to advance the indigenous cause.

On a lighter note the aboriginal leadership is offering to return Julia Gallard's belongings.

Julia Gillard the Australian Prime Minister has lost her slipper(no, not the speaker!).

As she left in a hurry from a restaurant besieged by protesters in Canberra yesterday she lost her slipper.

A Prince has found the slipper and has offered to return it if it fits, in return he would like Julia to arrange for Mr Abbott to make a visit to the see the Prince himself.

The Prince would like to give Mr Abbott a boot rather than a slipper, he believes that he can make it fit with a little persuasion.

He believes that Mr Abbott should learn that you should never put the boot on the wrong foot.

Shouldn't get the bulls by horns
Don't be caught by the short and curlies
Shoot strait don't hit self in the foot
Put foot on ground not in mouth
Speak with forked tongue only in big house
Don't open mouth before thought arrive

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