8 Feb 2012

BHP Billiton Boss praises Australia and posts a healthy profit. Though slightly lower than expected.

BHP Billiton posts profit

They have posed a small drop in net profit for the first half of the financial year, the first time profits have fallen in three years.

The world's largest miner says profit for the six months to December came in at $9.2 billion, a slight fall compared with the same period a year earlier and below analysts' expectations.
This was in spite of falling prices for commodities including iron ore, copper and coal.

Mr Kloppers said,"We're very fortunate to be in a country such as Australia  in these unstable times, in terms of international credit availability, amounts of investment." 
"And what I said to somebody the other day is that Australia was the gold standard - has been the gold standard - for investment, and therefore has the very best companies in the world operating here."


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