29 Feb 2012

The cesspool that has become Australian Politic's version 2012

Federal politics is “childish” and has become worse over the past decade.

How come we've drifted into an this place where we are more involved in politics(not policies), entertainment, personalities and the cult of celebrity rather than serious issues that affect Australia's long term future.
People are trying to convince the public that one side of politics is going to wreck the economy totally and vice versa.
 "This is just childish".

We should able to do better. We don’t run other things like that, we don’t run major companies like that, we don’t run schools like that, we don’t run charity groups like that, so why do we run parliament like that?
This so called game has actually got worse. There are more apparatchiks than ever that have come through, having done political science and become what they believe to be experts.
 They just don’t want to give an inch to the other side. My point is that it’s not a game.
The childishness of a system where a good idea is knocked on the head because the other side had it first.
Even when either side of politics does come up with a good idea, you hear it numerous times over the past 20 years, people will say `shit, that’s not a bad idea.
Then,"We can’t do it now of course because the other side came up with it first’.”
One of the problems of this system is exemplified in the current scenario, where the Liberal opposition has so wedded itself to hating the Government’s major policies that they have stopped thinking about policy development.

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