10 Feb 2012


The present opposition's economic team is a complete shambles.

Who failed to provide two budget replies in a row and whose claims about audited costings at the last election turned out to be a barefaced lie.

Their climate-change policy is completely unfunded and will put and $18 billion hole in the budget each year by 2020.

Meanwhile the government continues to receive international accolades over their economic performance.

By the way look at the average Liberal back bencher what do they do these days?

They are told how to vote, told not to speak, they just turn up, collect their pay and allowances and do nothing except say "hear, hear" and "no,no,no".

Then they are put their hand up when told. The are behaving like clones, at least the Labour back benchers shoot their mouths of if they don't agree with their colleagues, these clones(clowns) do nothing of their own volition.

What are we paying them for? God knows..and he ain't telling.

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