1 Feb 2012

EIGHT minutes toilet time per Day

EIGHT minutes toilet time per day... and risk triggering alarm if you go one second over

Would you believe this is in
Workers in Norway are protesting against a high-tech surveillance system that triggers an alarm if they spend more than eight minutes per day in the toilet.
Managers are alerted by flashing lights if an employee is away from their desk for a toilet break or other 'personal activities' beyond the allocated time.

One firm was reported for making women workers wear a red bracelet when they were having their period to justify more frequent trips to the toilet.

Another company made staff sign a toilet 'visitors book' while a third issued employees with an electronic key card to gain access to the toilets so they could monitor breaks.

The women who have to visit the loo at that time of the month! too bad for the worker with gas buildup...guess the co-workers will just have to put up with the scent

People are not treated as a human these days! workers are adults, who should be able to determine what amount of time and frequency they need to attend to normal bodily functions. 

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