22 Feb 2012


Marty Butler of Hillsboro has a timely offering with heavy political undertones which relate to the US.
I have edited his article to better reflect Australia

The people are being bombarded with debates and issues as the politicians parade through the country hoping to make a point. 

It never ceases to amaze me that politicians of all colours seem to have hundreds of light bulbs going off in their heads as they come up with new ways to run the government and the changes they would make if they were in power. 

With all those light bulbs going on during the campaign it's no wonder the bulbs all burn out by the time they actually get into office. 

I also find that it is very difficult to change a politician's light bulb once the idea is burning in their mind.

This got me thinking: How many politicians would it take to change a real bulb? 

So here are seven politically inclined questions about the ability of politicians to change light bulbs. 

I'll write the full question out the first time and then leave off the phrase: "...does it take to screw a light bulb."

1. How many Liberals does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Editor's note: we can't print the rest of this answer, but the answer has something to do with people and is, in fact, none). 

2. How many Labour?

 None. "It's really not a question of should we change or not change the light bulb, but more a question of .................? 

3. How many Greens?

 None. If someone wants to sit in the dark, it's his business. 

4. How many Coalition members?

 None. They are all sitting around basking in the glow of the previous light bulb. 

5. How many senior advisers ?

 None. They're supposed to keep the Prime Minister in the dark. 

6. How many Greens?

 None. They refuse to remove the old ones since they are part of the environment. 

7. How many Prime Ministers?

 None because it wasn't a core promise.

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