22 Feb 2012


Does it in fact make the least difference to the way most Australians live most of the time whether the government of the day is a Liberal or Labour or, maybe one year or other, the Greens.?
Consider the way it is uttered regularly by commentators and incumbents that “Australia is a hard country to govern,” is in fact a self-serving exaggeration.
Because we’re so diverse and decentralized, to lead Australians in any particular direction does take an incredible amount of time, and limitless patience.
By governing Australia I mean it in the sense of steering it past reefs, IT'S A SNAP!.
With oceans all around us and no countries sharing a border, the country couldn’t be more secure. Affluence comes as easy to us, thanks to nature or God.
In the 19th century our principal economic activity was selling rocks and logs and wool, it still is today, plus gas.
As a last bit of luck, common sense, pragmatism, conservatism on both sides of politics has entered early into our national DNA. That's why our banks don’t need to be bailed out.
Now try to think of what consequential additions to our entire political system has made to what would have happened to us anyway.
Me thinks nothing much changes, even though we can get so worked up about political parties and their differences.
Someone once wrote      ITS MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING!
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