24 Feb 2012

Off with my head, said Gillard..Stupidity or Dumb. Is Rudd so stupid..No he wouldn't even appear on the show...Tooo Clever!

Did she lock herself into a corner and trigger this challenge

On the recent Four Corners program Gillard offered herself up, blundering into the trap with eyes wide shut. Surely she must have known that the coup that toppled Kevin Rudd would be given a run.

This along with the continuing turmoil over the Labor leadership. But when the questions were duly bowled up she lost her middle stump and looked as shifty as hell!.

I asked myself how her predecessors, Whitlam, Hawke or Keating, would have handled it.

First, of course, they wouldn't have turned up at all..

If they had, they would have chopped the interviewer into small editable pieces.

Gillard either couldn't or wouldn't. She saved the show, but destroyed herself in the process.

In short, this government under Julia Gillard has lost their best political tool and that is to take control of the narrative.

It does not shape public debate but reacts to it, often in hapless confusion and sometimes close to panic.

Can you imagine Kevin Rudd allowing such a thing to happen to him, no, and that is the difference, Julia Gillard just does not connect with the people.

With her leading the party, people have not only stopped listening to her, they have even stopped listening to her ministers, because their presentations are clones of her style of speaking and it does not connect.

The style and presentation of a leader is crucial to peoples perception of a party and in this department Kevin Rudd would run rings around Julia Gillard.

The people always listened to Rudd because he sounds real, that's the difference!

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