6 Feb 2012

Sick of Cool, Sick language

Cool--used to mean becoming cold, now it also means......any of the following.
Does it simplify things, not on your life.
  • Pretty good or real good
  • Smart guy
  • Clever
  • Sick
  • Great
  • Awesome
Cool...yep, becoming cold!
    1. Now when someone asks for a cool drink what do you do, what are they really asking you for, are your drinks cool or uncool, great or sick?
    2. If someone says Joe's cool do you offer him a coat or think he's really sick or awesome!
    3. What's a cool beer, is it the brand or the temperature or neither.

    Sick--used to mean your just ill, now it can mean.....any of the following.
    • Pretty good or real good
    • Clever
    • Great
    • Unbelievable
    • The dish is delicious
    • Awesome
    • Ill...that's a surprise!

    1. If some one's sick do you call a doctor or ask them how they became so sick(awesome). then congratulate them because they are just so, so sick.
    2. Me thinks that by just using two words as above for example I have found a basis for political speak, and I have stumbled on something I've missed.

    3. I have always believed politicians, now, do they ever mean what they say....? 


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