18 Feb 2012


Days after sacking 1000 workers and raising interest rates, guess what, the ANZ chief executive Mike Smith is to take 200 lucky staff away on a five-day butler-serviced cruise on the "world's best" luxury liner.
At a cost of $1.75 million, these workers who are higher up the food chain are to be rewarded as part of the bank's CEO recognition program, they will sail away on the Silver Shadow to Malaysia's Langkawi Islands on March 6. While their work mates are treated with disdain.
Details of the sojourn have been posted on the bank's internal website just days after it was confirmed that backroom jobs are being outsourced to India and the Philippines.
Bugger Australian workers-projected profit in 2012, over $5.5 billion.    NOT ENOUGH ????
ANZ yesterday announced a record $1.48 billion three-month profit - and Mr Smith warned home loan rates may go even higher to protect the bank's profit margins.
Protection of the banks profits "or just plain greed and ensuring that the freebies they indulge in continue".
The luxurious Silver Shadow provides a personal butler for every guest, gourmet food and alcoholic drinks, and 117sq m suites with marbled bathrooms and satellite TV.
We should dump banks that sack staff, while filling their ever deeper pocket's.
The liner will cost $1 million to hire while $750,000 will be spent flying the staff to Singapore, where they will board the vessel.

The Silver Shadow at sea
Silver Shadow bar

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