The Prime Minister's speech on Monday describing what a wonderful choice ''Canberra'' was for the name of the federal capital city brought some quite old memories to light.

Two days after Lady Denman spoke the mystical word Canberra in 1913,
An alarming letter emerged from an expert in Aboriginal languages and warned against the choice of ''Canberra'', as it was an Aboriginal word for the ''laughing jackass'' or kookaburra.
King O'Malley, then the minister for home affairs, is reported to have dealt with this claim with aplomb.
''Even supposing it does mean the laughing jackass, that is infinitely superior to the Sombre owl, croaking at progress.

The jackass is a typical Australian bird, and is merry and hopeful and buoyant, and has a general attitude that conveys faith in the future.

Its hatred of the snake and reptile conveys it's impression of crawling meanness, hypocrisy and venom.

It can be taken as symbol of the desire of Australia's Parliament to overcome evil.''

Perhaps in 2012 we can see more obvious examples crawling meanness, hypocrisy and venom.

Both sides of politics should remember   
that laughter is good for our health..... and the health of parliament and Australia.