16 Mar 2012

Australian's watch birds....and they don't even think about toilets

Scottish officials splash out on toilet.

14/03/2012 - 19:18:46
A wildlife trust has splashed out £50,000 (€60,000) for a toilet on an uninhibited British island.

Despite nobody living on Handa in Scotland for more than 150 years, the Scottish Wildlife Trust forked out to buy the new loo for 6,000 bird watchers who visit the island every year.

Architect David Somerville is quoted by the Metro as saying: "It was a challenging project. The winds are so strong on Handa the building needed to be made with steel to hold it down."

Due to the high winds on Handa the toilet had to be made with steel to hold it down.

Prior to construction, bird watchers simply had to find an appropriate corner in which to do their business.

There's bird watchers and bird watchers, this type I can't understand.

This is a shot that is hard to come by!

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