11 Mar 2012

Defence Minister Stephen Smith is right! The Coalition should be supporting him!

Some people in The Defence hierarchy don't like being pulled into gear, they forget that they are here to serve the people.
Every past minister has had the same problem, no minister is ever liked, be it over budgets, or in this case bad conduct.
Almost every inquiry into projects at defence shows a crazy disregard for budgets and the cost over runs on projects is beyond a joke.

No minister has ever been able to pull them into line, they think they are a law unto themselves

This minister is shaking them up, he should not back down and most Australians agree.

He is not attacking the the fighting arms of the forces he is attacking the hierarchy for their attitude, this would not be tolerated in ordinary life in Australia!

Discipline is a key word in the forces and it's about time their leaders showed some and obeyed their government.

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