17 Mar 2012

Hospital parking fees are enough to make you sick...Will Canberra join this greed machine.

  • From:Herald Sun

  • Edited by S W T Read

    HOSPITALS are accused of filling their pockets from
    the the ill and their already suffering families after pushing
    their parking costs up by as much as 50 per cent in the past year.
    Victoria's hospitals made almost $50 million in parking fees and fines in 2010-11, a staggering $6.2 million or 15 per cent jump on the previous 12 months.
    There is shocking evidence of profiteering at Victoria's biggest hospitals as they ignore calls to rein in parking fees.
    Monash Hospital $10 million in 2010-11 thanks to a new multi-storey carpark and a rise in fees.The size of the increases should be ringing alarm bells with consumers.
    Even businesses simply can't put up their prices by 30 or 40 per cent without justification they would be accused of profiteering if they did.
    The 10 biggest public hospitals have raked in more than $232 million from parking in the past seven years, grabbing almost half that amount in the past two years.
    The Austin beefed up its daily rate last year from $20 to $30.
    Royal Children's lifted its day rate by a third to $25 and upped the price of a one-hour park 40 per cent to $7.
    Will the government in the ACT be tempted by this money trap, or will they think about ill people and their families before they dip their hands into this lucky dip.

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