17 Mar 2012

Olympic volunteers told to be Australian.....Oi, Oi Oi.!

From: AAP March 17, 2012 6:41AM

 LONDON Mayor Boris Johnson has told volunteers at this year's Olympic Games - be less British and more Australian.
Australians have often been derided for their brashness by their British counterparts but London organisers have shamelessly tried to duplicate countless aspects of the 2000 Sydney Games.

Launching the garish pink and purple uniforms for the 8000 London Olympic ambassadors, the eccentric Johnson called on his compatriots to not be standoffish.

"What do you think of the uniform? It's quite striking isn't it. I hope you don't feel too ridiculous," Mr Johnson said.

"You are the ambassadors and you have to greet everybody when they come to London.

"What we need to do is to overcome our natural British reserve and be a little bit more like the Australians."


Flag of AustraliaCoat of Arms of Australia
(Flag)(Coat of Arms)
Motto: "Shrimp on the barbie, strewth!"
National Anthems: Do You Come From A Land Down Under?,  I still call Australia home.

Ahhh....Australia or "British America" more commonly pronounced "Ostralyuh", or "Horstrayllia" by Her Majesty The Queen of Australia, Elizabeth Vagina II.
The Great Southern Land, Bogan Land,Ozi, Down Under, The Sunburnt Country, the better version of New Zealand, Terra Australis, Oz or (Terra australaeionesia cowardiana), quite the happy continent, is a Commonwealth country known mostly by foreigners as Great Britain with a less fruity accent and sun in the sky you can actually see. It is also called "Oz" for short, or "Down under", after a popular position among geese rapists. The name "Australia" originates from the Aboriginal word "Walla'borongamala" meaning "where the bloody hell am I?".

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