26 Mar 2012


One excuse offered at the weekend for the landslide against Labor in Queensland was that many men in the deep north did not like having a woman as premier.

This infers that  it was also a very bad day for Australia's first elected woman prime minister.
If this is true that there are plenty of men who have a problem with women leaders, then they are in for a hard road in the future.

Union heavy and long-time factional leg-breaker Bill Ludwig said a day or two before the election that voters in Queensland just didn't like women leading political parties, extending the problem from Anna Bligh to include Prime Minister Julia Gillard. "He is living in the past".

Bill should take note of what is happening in Australian Universities

Young women are full-blooded action heroes now.
Not just in movies. Not just in sport.

They are kicking ass all over the place. It is most striking in the area where we can best measure the performance of girls - schools and Universities.
A yawning gender gap has opened at Australian universities, where 60 per cent of all undergraduate students are women. As well, almost 60 per cent of postgraduate students are women.

The most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics Gender Indicators report revealed that 40 per cent of Australian women aged 25 to 34 have at least a bachelor degree, compared with 30 per cent of men in the same age group.

What prevents the dominance by women at university from translating into the workforce and management is, above all, the fertility factor."as yet men can't become pregnant".
Australia now has a woman governor-general, a woman prime minister, has had several woman premiers and a series of women High Court judges.

Politicians Bligh and Gillard may have had a rough weekend, but they have never asked the public to vote for them because they are women, but because they are leaders.

This is as it must be.

If some pundits are right and Queensland doesn't like women as leaders then they are in for a big shock in the future.....the figures don't lie, its inevitable, with so many well qualified women being let loose on society we had all better get used to the idea.

Major General Elizabeth Cosson

The First ...not the last!

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