4 Apr 2012

A deep well of craziness or is he having us on?

Let's hope he's joking!

BOGAN billionaire Clive Palmer may be a national treasure but this week the miner showed he is also as mad as a cut snake. 
Only crazy Clive could come up with a conspiracy theory so preposterous - that the CIA was bankrolling subversive agents inside the Greens. The KGB or Cuba’s DI perhaps. But even they couldn’t be that daft.
The problem Palmer has created with his flights of fancy about foreign government-sponsored covert attacks on his industry is that it is no longer just his problem. His lunacy has implicated the Coalition by association.
Two weeks ago everyone thought it was Treasurer Wayne Swan who had wandered off the reservation with his attacks on Palmer and his mining mates. Now Swan looks sane by comparison.
One of Clive’s biggest fans is the Coalition’s spokesman on everything, Nationals Party MP Barnaby Joyce.
“Every now and then (Palmer) wanders across in his jet and picks me up [and grills me],” Joyce told The National Press Club.
Joyce claims they used to sit up the back of the jet in its lounge and “talk about things”.
Nothing wrong with that.
Except Palmer claims to have a significant influence over Coalition policy - and you have to wonder just what sort of conversations he is having with Coalition MPs.
“I may have some influence over the policies because of my 42 years of service, 46 years of serving the national Liberal Party, you know,” he said.
Palmer’s ties with the Liberals run deeper than that. He has donated an estimated $4 million to the party and was toying with the idea of becoming its president.