23 Apr 2012


Extracts from an article by Richard Willingham in The Age: April 23, 2012

JAMES Ashby, the adviser who has made sexual harassment claims against Speaker Peter Slipper, has had his own run-in with the law and has made few friends in the media.

Mr Ashby was fined for making threatening phone calls to a radio rival when he worked at a Newcastle radio station. He stood down in 2002 over the incident and was fined $2000 and given a three-year bond.

Mr Ashby was known as Jimmy on NXFM when he rang rival Jim Morrison while Morrison was on air, Newcastle Local Court previously heard.
''Yeah, go for it you f---ing psychopath,'' Mr Ashby said.
''Next time I see you riding on your f---ing bike I'll hit you, you idiot, all over the sloppy road, you dumb prick. F--- it, if I was your mother I would have drowned you at birth.''

In March, a Sunshine Coast Daily reporter's phone was allegedly thrown by Mr Ashby after journalist Owen Jacques asked Mr Slipper about his expenses

Last week, the Sunshine Coast Daily reported Mr Ashby was refusing to speak to police regarding the complaint.
My comments on this matter:

I don't condone the actions of Mr Slipper if indeed they are true but if these allegations are not proved in a court of law where does that leave the Coalition, they have already condemned the man!
As for the Cab Charge allegations, they to have to be proven.

In  this country you are innocent until proven guilty. Unless you are a politician!

I'm afraid that I treat this story broken by the News as possibly another beat up on behalf of the Coalition.

As for Mr Ashby, well his statements will be tested, however it seems from his past that this guy is loose cannon.
Who once he gets a bee in his bonnet, can often and can go of half cocked!

If one reads his allegations it seems highly probable that he could have taken the utterances by Mr Slipper out of context all together.

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