25 Apr 2012


ISRAEL has decided to legalise three settler outposts in a move that totally ignores the feelings of the Palestinians once again.
They said some years ago that they would remove these settlement to boundaries set by the UN.
It is dismissive response to a letter from president Mahmoud Abbas calling for a settlement freeze.

A ministerial committee has decided "to formalise the status of three communities which were established in the 1990s" against the UN agreement.
The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as usual ignores world opinion and treats the Palestinians with contempt, the word peace appears to mean something totally different to him, it seems that stiring up trouble is his idea of negotiation.

The move sparked an angry response from the Palestinians, Israeli settlement watchdog Peace Now, which said it was the first time the government had created new settlements since the 1990s.

The three outposts - Bruchin, Rechelim and Sansana - had no Israeli legal status since they were set up, but will now join the 120 official settlements dotted across the occupied West Bank that are home to more than 342,000 people.

The Palestinian leadership said the decision was "expected" and said it was "the Israeli answer" to a letter from Mr Abbas to Mr Netanyahu, in which he laid out the Palestinian grievances over the collapse of the peace process and outlined his demands for restarting negotiations.

Central to the letter was the demand for a settlement freeze. A a senior member of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, agreed that what was happening on the ground was "the real Israeli response" to Mr Abbas's letter.

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