10 Apr 2012


Mamma mia!
Why there are 20,000 pregnant MEN in Britain
More than 3,000 children and teenagers have apparently also accessed geriatric services.
Original story By CLAIRE BATES Modified by S W T Read 10/4/2012

At first glance, the NHS appears to be dealing with something of a modern medical miracle.
According to national statistics gathered on NHS care, nearly 20,000 male patients in England required midwifery services between 2009 and 2010.
What's more alarming is that over the same period 17,000 men apparently required obstetric services - a specialism for pregnant women and their babies, while a further 8,000 saw a gynaecologist.

This could have dire consequences for the future.
Will men start to have menstruation and menopause, if this is the case then the NHS could be overwhelmed it is believed they are already arranging for training for male midwives and birthing clinics would also be effected.

The effects could be wide spread, imagine pregnant cricket players, soccer players and god forbid rugby players. Even referees and umpires! We jokingly called some of these old women, not so funny now is it!

Researchers believe reason for this large change could of course be chemicals in the diet or their minds being effected by the influence of strange stories in the media or a sudden influx of oestrogen in the drinking water.

No don't worry guys there hasn't been a sudden influx of oestrogen in the drinking water - instead the bizarre results are due to a series of data entry errors.
It is the mother of all mistakes? There are at least 20,000 pregnant men in the UK if NHS statistics are to be believed. 

Researchers from Imperial College London NHS Healthcare Trust reviewed all the available data from HESonline, They found mix-ups were rife as the system relies on inputting fiddly medical codes.

So a single keystroke can change a patient's visit to a specialist eye clinic into a session with a midwife.
This explains why the statistics also revealed more than 3,000 children and teenagers had supposedly accessed geriatric services, while 1,600 adults over 30s had seen a child psychiatrist.
Meanwhile 20,000 adults were recorded as attending outpatient children services.

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