26 Apr 2012


Murdoch tells British court his political clout is overstated

Here was his big chance, he said before a judge, to set the record straight: that for all the talk of his political clout through publications like the mass-market Sun, he never took advantage of it, and that he expects those who work for him to adhere to high ethical standards.

"That is a complete myth, that I used the influence of the Sun or supposed political power to get favorable treatment," Murdoch testified, declaring, "I've never asked a prime minister for anything."

1. Mr Murdoch have they ever asked you for anything.
2. Have you ever suggested a subtle change of policy.
3. Have you ever threatened limited coverage of a policy you didn't agree with.
4. Have you ever warned them to keep News informed, or else, bad coverage.

Despite the hacking scandal that has damaged both his media empire and his reputation, Murdoch said he remains a lover of newspapers and summed up his journalistic mission this way in court Wednesday:

"Always to tell the truth, certainly to interest the public, to get their attention, but always to tell the truth.... I have great respect for the British public, and I try to carry that through."mmmmmmmmmmm....

Whether the British public reciprocates that respect is now doubtful, it seems that this ("Never ending Story") is sorely testing the honesty factor, there is a long way to go yet.

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