2 Apr 2012

Narcissists and politics

Narcissists now. 

In the clinical diagnostic manual, the criteria for narcissistic personality disorder include a ''pervasive pattern of grandiosity … need for admiration and lack of empathy''. Remind of anybody?
So, are we all narcissists now? or just politicians.

For centuries, the rich and the powerful documented their existence and their status through painted portraits.

A mark of wealth and a bid for immortality, portraits offer intriguing hints about the daily life of their subjects - professions, ambitions, attitudes, and, most importantly, social standing.

Status-seeking has an ever-present partner: anxiety. Not like a portrait, which hangs tamely on the wall signalling one's status, maintaining status in the media or Facebook requires constant vigilance, regular updates.

Every profile is a carefully planned media campaign. Like all narcissists, any of our pomp and bombast is merely a plea to be loved and accepted and of course voted for.Sounds like a politician?

There is the difference between a true narcissist and a modern-day social media junkie: true narcissists have less of a need for connection and more of a thirst for unending admiration.

This could be the definition of a politician of any creed, is this what we have become, should we be looking up to these people, are they putting forward ideas or are they just looking for some kind of hero worship.

Could they be merely trying to creating a mirage that we will believe in, another type of fuel for their ego.
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