8 Apr 2012


ACCC's fired up over fuel
Guess what, they are blaming the consumer! Why because we just don't understand.
We're to dumb!

THE Australian Competition and Consumer Commission admits it has to do more to educate motorists about fuel prices so they say.

ACCC chairman Rod Sims said Australia's fuel prices had risen and fallen in line with all other developed nations.
He doesn't seem to realise that it is possible that oil companies are manipulating world prices so that the all other developed countries fall in line with pricing.

But his agency was unable to get that message through to mainstream Australia, why do you think that is so, could it be that people are a wake up. Between Oil companies and their cosy arrangement with major retailers they can do what they like.

''If you look at a graph of petrol prices in every country, you'll see every country is the same,'' Mr Sims said. ''Our efforts [communicating the message] so far haven't worked as well as what we'd have liked.''

The ACCC needs to look at pricing more from a world perspective, not the narrow outlook they have now and they need the powers to do it properly.

Adding to the confusion, the vast majority of the nation's media reports on the latest West Texas Intermediate oil price. This benchmark has little, if any, bearing on the price of fuel sold at Australian petrol stations.

Mr Sims believed the role of the ACCC should not go beyond monitoring prices to uncover anti-competitive behaviour.

''If Parliament wants us to control petrol prices we will but I don't think we should,'' he said.

Why bother having the ACCC at all, they just do not want to do the job properly.