28 Apr 2012



Members of Abbott's team are deeply worried. They are getting closer to power, but no closer to being a serious, credible alternative government, they have no policies.

 "We are all worried that we will win a huge majority with a mandate for nothing," says a frontbench Liberal. "We'll have a mandate to repeal the carbon tax and the mining tax and a couple of lesser things, and then what, a void that's what?
Tony Abbott could put just about anything in our platform and still win the election but can he win an election with no platform?

Could Tony create history and loose the unloosable election. It would be a bitter moment for the Liberals.

It's entirely possible if he doesn't offer a positive agenda with a detailed manifesto of policies.

Kennett a first-rate premier, argues that it's not only necessary but crucial, Australians are craving something more than rage, no,no, and only offering a small target to the government.
"If you look at the election results in NSW and more recently in Queensland, the public is crying out for leadership.

That's why agenda setting is so important. Australians are tiring of the constant carping and negativity and the closer we come to an election the harder the electorate will look at both parties.

Australian are not stupid, and if they are treated with large doses of stupidity they will react. Both parties need to wake up to themselves or we will see minority governments well into the future.
The electorate will look for an alternative to both major parties, because they don't know what they stand for.

If Julia Gillard or Abbott could articulate a vision, the public would buy into it. Oppositions ought be offering a real policy alternative in the year heading to an election."

The final year is approaching. Abbott still has time and opportunity to offer himself as something other than not being another Gillard, if he doesn't he could do the impossible, loose, oh yes, he could.

There is a saying: The better the devil you know...The Coalition is unknown and will remain so if they are not careful!

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