27 Apr 2012

Work shy layabouts.... England has plenty!

This business attempted to hire seven jobless people.

None turned up for work because it RAINED?

The new employees, who had all been without jobs, failed to turn up for their first day as sales operatives

These people milk the benefits system to death!

PUBLISHED: 11:42 GMT, 26 April 2012 | UPDATED: 00:53 GMT, 27 April 2012 Edited by S W T Read 27/4/2012 12:30pm

Carl Cooper thought he was doing a public service by offering seven benefits claimants the chance to work for him.
But the company boss was flabbergasted when none of them turned up on the first day.
Astonishingly, not a single one even had the courtesy to tell the marketing firm boss they would not be coming in.

Carl Cooper today slammed 'work shy' Britain after seven of his new recruits failed to turn up to their first day of work yesterday because it was raining
Mr Cooper and other staff members called the new employees to ask them where they were.

Some refused to answer their phones when they recognised the number calling them.

When the staff finally got through, five said they would be better off staying on state benefits rather than doing the commission-based work.

Four of the seven also claimed  torrential rain had put them off.

One was unhappy about the prospect of paying a £5 train fare and another called at 12.45pm and said: 'Oh, sorry – I overslept.'

The saga illustrates the problems of enticing many young people to work, even at a time of recession and high unemployment.

Mr Cooper, who runs Car Smart, a marketing firm for independent car dealers in Canterbury, Kent, criticised the benefits system and said it rewarded people for doing nothing.

He was left stunned when none of the new recruits turned up for work. They are a bunch of workshy layabouts.

Australia is looking for workers, not in England it seems!


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