27 May 2012

Another unconfirmed report Did they make this one up too!

LABOR whip Joel Fitzgibbon is reportedly telling nervous MPs that the party should turn back to Kevin Rudd as leader.
Amid growing concerns about Julia Gillard's leadership, Mr Fitzgibbon told told MPs last week that the hung parliament was "killing" the government, News Limited Sunday newspapers.
The Sun-Herald(unbiased) also reported that the former defence minister had switched camps and was now making the case for change to MPs.
They report  that the former supporter of the Prime Minister is openly counting numbers for the deposed leader three months after his failed leadership bid.
Yes and it is (reported) by the Sun-Herald the Popes an Anglican in disguise and Tony Abbott is a Muslim.
This story reassures  of the accuracy of the press in Australia, my thanks to the Sun-Herald!

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