23 May 2012

Canberra bashing is not new. Now we have wealthiest crying poor

Only two in five public servants live in Canberra, that means that about 100,010 thousand live else where in the country.
I'm sick and tired of people blaming Canberra, we are ordinary people, we are not members of parliament and there are more people in Canberra that are not public servants than are.
If people want to bag the government of the day, go for it, but don't attack Canberra, we are not the government!
Do we benefit from their employment, yes, but this one of the most expensive places to live, why because the government is based here.
You live with what you've got, where ever you are, live with it, stop bagging us, we're not the government!

Australia's wealthiest person wants to shift federal bureaucrats out of Canberra and base them in the bush and the country's north.

Multibillionaire Gina Rinehart also warned that a "hatred" of entrepreneurs risked condemning Australians to "crippling taxes, debts and lower standards of living".(what would you know about debt)

In an article for Australian Resources and Investment magazine, to be published on March 1, iron-ore magnate Ms Rinehart laments politicians and the media's failures to offer more support to mining businesses.

"Let's convince our political parties and media that we need to encourage investment, cut government spending, approvals and permits, and lower taxes (except, I'd argue, for alcohol and cigarettes) ... "(you probably don't invest in them)

China's voracious demand for minerals, especially iron, has greatly enriched Mrs Rinehart, whose estimated wealth is now about $20 billion, by the time I finish writing this it may have doubled..

This poor woman, she really understands the wage earners, she's struggling to earn $100,000,000 a minute, she's doing it tough, I feel sorry for her, truly!

She understands ordinary, I don't think so!

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