10 May 2012

Same sex marriage...Its here again to haunt US ALL

Same sex marriage...Its here again to haunt US ALL

This is a subject that is always debated, some against and some for it.

It seems to me that this subject is not that difficult to solve, the main opponents oppose it because they are against the use of the existing marriage act(personally think it should not be used because of its historical and religious validity).
I think that the majority do not think the word marriage is so distasteful provided it is included in an act that differentiates between same sex and 'normal marriage'.

The feelings for one another can run just as deep in both, however most gay people I have spoken to think that marriage as they know it is between opposite sex couples is different, they feel this quite strongly because they all have come from such marriages.

The type of marriage they want is not a copy of the existing act, they want official an official acknowledgement that they have taken a vow to each other under an act.

What it is to be called they don't care, although many have suggested "A peoples marriage act" this would not mention which sex was in the act.

This would differentiate it from the existing marriage act(I favour such a name or something similar).

The term marriage means many things to people, the main meaning is vowing to love one another and that they become man and wife in the eyes of god the state(or a higher force).

For 'A peoples marriage act' it would be simple, just create a mirror of the existing marriage act with certain words removed.

If we do nothing, do people really think gay people will disappear, just go away, no they wont, so let's sort this thing out once and for all.

People will still have opposing views and look down on certain types of marriage but at least this argument will end and we can get on with our uncomplicated lives, we don't need this.

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