20 May 2012

A VOICE IN THE DARK....SLIPPERY NEWS OR JUST TRASH...Your guess is as good as mine?

The slippery slope for Slipper, now if the slipper doesn't fit this Slipper does the slippery slope become very slippery for the Coalition.
If this slipper does not fit Slipper because a fairytale prince(?) fits this slipper to the dainty feet of Brough and Pyne.
Will that mean that the slippery slope has been moved to the right.

This could be a catchy headline story, something that catches the eye
Is it journalism, is it investigative no, is it news no!Is it for TV yes!

A sad affair indeed it is when courts of law and peoples lives are turned to the jokes of the day.
Points scored, points to be had, teach people to hate, frighten the masses make them fear, this is how low the ethics of politics here in Australia has become.

Journalism is a great profession that is being dragged into the quagmire of the 24 hour news cycle, we even see stories that are in fact adds shown as news, they are even portrayed as headlines coming up in the next news cycle.

People are becoming very sick of being dumbed down and treated like sheep, journalists are our eyes and ears and many try to do a great job, but once they become linked to television's news cycle they seem to loose control and their stories become fodder for the producers etc.

The opinion pieces in the papers seem to be somewhat  limited but are like rare jewels, then found The Global Mail on the net was like a breath of fresh air, so good journalism is there, hell it's hard to find though!

Please help me and all the other Australians regain our faith in real news!