25 Jun 2012


Tony Abbott who purports to be one, stands by and lets people drown in the name of politics(greed for power).
This man who visits church regularly to cleans his soul, cannot except the fact that a bi-partisan approach is the only way to bring some common sense to this problem.

Julia Gillard is not free from blame either, the dogged approach shown by her is not much better.
There is no quick fix, we all know that, but this attack dog politics is making us look like an illiterate under developed country.

We are are better than that, it's a tough problem to solve but we can do better, whatever compromise we come up with, it will not ensure that there will be no more boats, however we could slow their arrival if we had a better processing system.

Surely more Australian representatives in the countries of origin so they could apply there would alleviate the need for people to travel through Pakistan, Malaya, Indonesia to jump on boats.

Why aren't we hearing more discussion on this and other such alternatives, POLITICS BLOODY POLITICS!

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