21 Jul 2012




Boy they are not happy chappies a Gold Medal was assured!
The international press however have not lost their touch in finding out just how upset the Brit's are, why, because Brit's are are really good at complaining as can been seen below in these excerpts from various news outfits.
Call it grumbling, griping, grizzling, grouching – take your pick. Any number of complaining verbs have been attached to the adjective "British" as overseas commentators descending on the Olympics try to convey the spirit of the host nation before the Games.
As congestion chaos fears and security debacle woes dominate at home, the world's media salivate as Britons conform to type – emerging as a bunch of moaners.
"While the world's athletes limber up at the Olympic Park.
Londoners are practising some of their own favourite sports: complaining, expecting the worst and cursing the authorities.
"Even in the best of times, whingeing, is their default response to life's challenges, is part of the national condition – as integral to the country's character as its attitude towards the weather."
"But even allowing for the traditional exaggeration, this degree of distress has a different tone to it."
A simple attempt at analysis, has deduced that the British celebrate their Britishness with gusto and abandon, the "grandiosely expensive" royal wedding last year, and the four-day national holiday for the Queen's diamond jubilee.
The Olympics however have nothing to do with Britishness or so say offerings from the foreign press would have us believe.
Sports such as boxing, taekwondo, beach volleyball and synchronised swimming as examples to prove this thesis that "the Olympics are a foreign world event being imposed upon London from outside.
That's why the British are showing so little enthusiasm for the Games we are told.
"Troops everywhere, long lines and moans and yes, there may be security gaps, cracks on the M4 viaduct, and predicted queues at Heathrow.
 Are the wheels coming off London's Games or are Britons just finding excuses to grumble?"
No the the wheels are not falling off! It will be a great Olympics just enjoy.
Complain all you like afterwards, if there's stuff ups, but let's wait and see..What do you reckon, give them a fair go........! 
I know they're not Australians, but they want to be as good as us, let them try..Hay!