25 Jul 2012


Pencil Vs Camera series by Belgian visual artist Ben Heine

A fine line: A blonde has her polka dot dress tugged at by a bunny rabbit A bird blares out music from a boombox around his neck: Ben begins by taking a picture of an everyday scene then covers part of the shot with a sketch - transforming the bland backdrops into intriguing scenarios
A blonde looks away as a male admirer with flowers is left with a broken heart: The artist said he has been deeply influenced by Belgian Surrealism, German Expressionism, American Pop Art and Social RealismStorm approaching: An image from Spain of a man reaching out to the skies. Ben Heine said: 'I like to stretch people's imaginations. A monkey on the underground, why not?'
Bizarre: Model Caroline Madison lies on the ground in London in another image from the galleryReeling in a whopper: A fisherman appears to catch an unusual trawl in this perspective-bending picture taken in Tunisia as part of the Pencil Vs Camera series by Belgian visual artist Ben Heine

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