20 Jul 2012


Joe Hockey opens door to higher GST Abbot closed it, or did he?

Two weeks after Tony Abbott ruled out Coalition government changes to the GST, Mr Hockey rephrased the answer on the question of altering the tax.
“If you are going to have a discussion about changing the GST our colleagues in the states have to lead the argument because they are the ones that need the revenue,” Mr Hockey said.
“They are getting every dollar of the GST; it is effectively their tax.
“They have got to put a case to the Australian people, and convince the Australian people that the GST needs to be changed.”
On July 4, the Opposition Leader gave “a categorical no”, when asked if he would raise the GST.
“We will not change the GST,” he said, however they would put it up given the chance by the states. 
But he suggested it would be considered if the states convinced the community of the need for such a move.
“They have to take the community with them, and they are not doing that at the moment he said.
Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury said Mr Hockey wanted his “Liberal premiers mates” to do the hard yards in arguing for a GST hike.
If Mr Hockey is really saying he thinks there is a case to increase the GST he should make it clear a future Coalition government is thinking of jacking up the GST and slugging consumers with higher taxes to cover the loss of the Mining tax and the tax cuts to the lower wage earners.
This could be ammunition for the Gillard government, could it be that this is the Coalition's great big lie at the next election.

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