17 Jul 2012


This story was written as a joke--then we found out it was true!

Police have been dragged off the beat to work on the Olympics after dozens of G4S security guards failed to turn up for work, it emerged yesterday.

Just four of the 58 staff expected to report for duty at the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, showed up, one of whom later disappeared.

In Salford, Greater Manchester, only 17 of the 56 G4S staff due at another Olympic team hotel could be bothered to present themselves for work.

By the way this is the same firm that guards English prisoners in jails right across the country, and in Australia these are the same people have run detention centres for refugees.

Home Secretary Theresa May admitted yesterday that she has no idea how many G4S staff will turn up for work – raising the prospect that thousands more soldiers may have to be deployed, on top of the 3,500 who have already been called up.

A G4S memo revealed that the company’s bosses deliberately failed to train people early because it would not be ‘cost-effective’.
The document, obtained by Channel 4 News stated : ‘It would have been an advantage to have everyone trained months in advance but this was neither practical nor cost-effective.’

West Midlands Police Federation chairman Ian Edwards said: ‘It’s chaos, absolute chaos. You shouldn’t lose your local police officer because of the Olympics.’

The position of G4S chief executive Nick Buckles looked increasingly perilous last night.

G4S could lose more than £700million of future Government work – including running prisons and police stations – after its reputation has been tarnished by the latest debacle.

Isn't outsourcing a great idea and doesn't it make London look great, it's a bit like the Life of Boris or Faulty Towers.

"The Holy Grail"

Yes Boris just a scrach, We'll win in the End. I promise!

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