25 Jul 2012


Royal Mail to change colour of its post boxes from red to gold for first time to celebrate GB Olympic champions

Is this going to be enough paint, things are tight
is one can enough?
OR IS this all about MORE belt tightening?

For years, Britons have strolled down to the street corner to post everything from romantic love letters to mundane tax returns in the familiar red Royal Mail post box.

Now for the first time in 140 years, the colour of your local post box could be about to change - to a distinctly golden hue. 
Every time a British athlete wins a gold medal in the Olympics or Paralympics this summer, Royal Mail are to paint a post box in their home town gold to celebrate, mind you just how many they expect to paint is obvious from this photograph..

Mark Thompson (left), Olympics Director for the Royal Mail, and Paul Sheldrake apply the finishing touches to the first golden post box in Westminster
These Post box painters don't seem very confident about the Gold Medal Tally for Britain, mind you they say you can make a little go a long way when you have to.

If the clothes are anything to go by, these guys seem well looked after, but they can't be expecting to much painting to be required in this type attire....this is working gear!