18 Jul 2012


THE prospect of a government forcing priests to report what was said in confession is the sign of a "police state mentality", says a priest and law professor in Australia.
This is one priest who obviously has his head in the sand about sexual abuse.
Hundreds of years of Catholic tradition in the confessional could be overturned by Victoria's inquiry into child sex abuse.
Priests would be ordered to reveal crimes told to them in private confessions under one proposal before the inquiry.
But priests say they will resist being forced to reveal secrets of the confessional. So the church still believes in cover-up apparently.
Priest and Law professor Father Frank Brennan said the move would be a restriction on religious freedom.
I ask you, since when has religious freedom been threatened by honesty and justice, surely they are the pillars of our society.
The cover up of heinous crimes should never be condoned.
This church has condemned extremist religious groups because of their secrecy, yet now it is now claiming that secrecy is beneficial to ensure religious freedom, what a load of rubbish.
Father Frank Brennan said: “If a parliamentary inquiry were to recommend a law by parliament saying that priests were forced to disclose anything revealed to them in the sacrament of confession I think that would be a serious interference with the right of religious freedom.” 
This suggested change in the law doesn't ask that everything be disclosed, it only asks that crimes should be notified to the authorities, surely in year 2012 there can be no good reason to withhold this type of information.
Father Brennan said. “Indeed it would be a very sad day if we moved to a police state mentality", It’s almost of Russian dimensions to suggest Catholic priests would have to reveal to state authorities what went on under the seal of the confessional.
“I am one of the priests who, if such a law were enacted, would disobey it and if need be I would go to jail.”he said.
Perhaps Father Frank Brennan it would wake up the community if you were to serve a stint in jail, because I don't think there would be a lot of sympathy for you from the public.
This issue highlights why so many people are walking away from the church........the church is blind.....by choice....are there too many secrets to expose...maybe there is !

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