15 Aug 2012

THIS GUY'S FACE CAN'T BE HIS.....Why because he doesn't own it!

What is the world coming to!

Pavarotti lookalike refused bank card because his face has been copyrighted.

Will the real Pavarotti please stand up?
Colin Miller has been working as a double for Pavarotti for more than 20 years but he was stunned that his bank card application was rejected just because he resembles the singer.

He said: “I spoke to the staff at my bank who said they didn’t know why I was refused and could only assume it is because of who I look like.

“But I can’t help who I look like. I don’t try to look like Pavarotti, I have had no cosmetic surgery and I don’t try to do things to myself to look like him. I am being penalised for looking how I do."

The card was refused due to the copyright on Pavarotti's face