14 Sept 2012

Abbott's memory, when a memory is not a memory.

We all remember his famous statement, if its not in written down you shouldn't believe what I say.
(I bet he's sorry he ever said that)

Tony Abbott's memory loss very convenient, he can attack women politician's and others continuously yet any mention of anything that he may have been involved in is nothing but muck raking.

Why doesn't he admit that the wall incident could have happened, although he doesn't remember the details.

Now that would be believable, because most guys can relate to thinking of punching a wall at some stage or another.

Strange, when the Coalition mentions something about the past of a government member of parliament, it is not muck raking.(I wonder what it's called then?)

Tony Abbott starting slinging muck from the day he lost the last election, he is a very bad looser, he had  offered everything to the Independents and they didn't take him up on the offer, so he still lost.

For the days following the election his bottom jaw looked like a carpet sweeper it was so low.

Its not beyond my imagination to think of him punching holes in walls years ago, because he must have been very tempted to modify the odd wall at parliament house after the last election.

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