6 Sept 2012

AUSTRALIAN's ARE SICK OF KINDERGARTEN PARLIAMENT..Malcolm Turnbull tells it like it is...and yes we're sick of crap!

Cartoon: Ron Tandberg.

Most Australians believed important issues were being overlooked or routinely misrepresented in parliament. All too often the system rewarded spin, exaggeration and misstatements.

Take the hopeless, confused, hyper-partisan nature of the climate change debate for example..

In 2010 Mr Turnbull crossed the floor to vote in support of Labor's emissions trading scheme.

He also said Australians were ashamed of the parliament, seeing it as ''nothing more than a forum for abuse, catcalling and spin''.

''If you love your country … and care deeply about our nation's future, there is nothing more certain to arouse your fury and invite your contempt than listening to an entire House of Representatives question time'', Mr Turnbull said.

Yes Malcolm, your right.  I have been saying the same thing for months, have things changed no not a bit. Parliamentary question time has descended into a farce with almost every question directed at the PM.

The nitty gritty questioning of ministers does not take place any more, is the efficient running of government departments not important any more. This is the job of an opposition, a job not being carried out at all.

Everything it seems is directed to score cheap shots or to create embarrassment, it is no wonder no one knows what the opposition stands for, if they are the alternative government can they dispense with their nappies and grow up...please!

There is almost nowhere else where the incentives to be untruthful or to purposefully mislead are so great as in our present parliament in 2012.

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