17 Sept 2012

DEFENCE and control, these two things don't mix.


DEFENCE secretary Duncan Lewis may be thinking of resigning.
Apparently Mr Lewis is preparing to resign as early as Tuesday, citing frustration with the reluctance of the federal government to clarify funding for major new weapons systems, along with planned funding cuts.
Mr Lewis commanded at all levels of the Australian Army after graduating from the Royal Military College at Duntroon in 1975.

Perhaps this is a good background for his present position, however it also tells me that he is very pro defence and he would not be amenable to the strict constraints put on defence at this time.

Let's remember that successive governments have tried to drag Defence into the world of proper budget management, the blow out in costs of major Defence contracts is unbelievable, this has continued for years.
Defence has done what it likes for years and no government has ever been able to reign it in.
"As things stand I don't think we are structured or postured appropriately to meet our likely strategic circumstances in future," Mr Lewis told the dinner audience in Canberra.
Mr Lewis warned the services ran the risk of becoming irrelevant.

Could it be that he is telling us that Defence needs a shake up, if so why doesn't he come out and say just that, no I'm afraid he's saying the same thing we have heard for years.

Reading between the lines, this is the same line rolled out every time Defence are asked meet budgets, we are told by Defence that any budget control threatens our countries security.
His military career is outstanding including commanding the Special Air Service Regiment and his last military appointment was as a major general as the Special Operations Commander Australia, leading forces engaged in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also became Australia's first National Security Adviser in December 2008.

Does this make him a good departmental secretary, I'm not so sure, maybe he'll make his reasons clearer if and when he moves on.

We like big guns, bad puns, and never use one bullet when a full clip will do.  

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