21 Sept 2012

GREECE..Want to buy it, yes you can.


GREECE you want it, you name it, we'll sell it

WHEN you hit hard times, it is time to sell or pawn part or all the family silver, and a clearance sale is about to begin in Athens.

Yes, Greece has just announced it will sell anything it can do without that is not nailed down, that means letting go of islands, royal palaces, prime real estate, marinas, airports, roads, the state-owned gas company, lottery and post office.

Anything worth anything that can be sold will be sold.

This includes diplomatic residences abroad. ''We will lease or sell properties that for some reason are not being used.''(Could this say something about why Greece is broke)

Ministry's finance department was hard at work evaluating ''market conditions''.

The sell-off mentioned on Wednesday, a day after Athens' finance minister revealed what all Greeks feared but had not been officially told: with national income projected to fall 25 per cent by 2014.

Officials are now working frantically to get a fire sale off the ground.

For potential buyers of ambassadorial homes and consul's quarters, the good news is that the Foreign Ministry is fully aware of what and where the properties are.

Just as well because the Greek government, until recently was struggling to attain an inventory of what it owned because there was no proper land registry.(No wonder they're going broke)

Greek money is what it used to be!

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