15 Sept 2012

MUSLIM Reactions--More harm than good!

The reaction of sections of the Muslim community around the world has done nothing but fire anti-Muslim feelings across the world.
The video that caused this outrage is disgusting and should never been shown, even Christians are shocked by this material.

Apparently some Muslims aren't aware of how hard it is to stop such material being loaded onto the Internet,  we have all seen things such as this slip onto the net before they are noticed.

Blaming America, Germany and England does nothing to promote Islam, in fact it does the opposite, it reinforces some people's thinking that all Muslims are uneducated terrorists.

The Muslim community in Australia should come out and strongly and condemn the hysterical behaviour we have seen around the world.

The attack on the American embassy looks to me as if it was planned in advance, not just an angry mob.

Was it just a coincidence that it was timed to coincide as close to the anniversary of 9/11 as possible.
The idiot in the US that made the video gave the terrorists a gift to good to miss.

Certain extremist terrorist groups would be overjoyed at how easy it has been to inflame and manipulate uneducated people into acts of violence so that they can carry out their mission.
The face of Islam now
What of the future?

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