24 Oct 2012

Apartheid..Alive and well in Israel and the US The home of the free turns a blind eye.

Israelis back discrimination against Arabs if its not apartheid, what is it? 

Most Jewish citizens of Israel support discrimination against Palestinians, a new poll has found, with 69 per cent advocating preference for Jews over Arabs in government jobs and 74 per cent in favour of segregated roads in the West Bank.

And 42 per cent indicated they did not want to live in the same building as Arabs or have their children in the same class as Arab children, the poll found.
When specifically questioned on the thorny issue of whether there is apartheid in Israel, 58 per cent said there was – of those, 39 per cent said apartheid existed "in some respects" and 19 per cent said it existed "in many respects". 

Thirty-one per cent believed there was no apartheid.

The findings confirm what many Palestinians living in Israel say they experience – a system of entrenched unfairness in which everything from government jobs to education, health services and even garbage collection is affected.

For the most part the survey, commissioned by a private foundation, the Yisraela Goldblum Fund, revealed what past polling had confirmed – that Israelis "accept the policies of separation", said Dahlia Scheindlin, a public opinion analyst and academic based in Tel Aviv.

"The only thing shocking about the poll was people's response to the term 'apartheid' . . . research I have done over the years indicates in general Israelis support certain kinds of discriminatory behaviour but they reject the term apartheid," Ms Scheindlin said.

apartheid - a social policy or racial segregation involving political and economic and legal discrimination against people who are not Whites(not Israeli's) the former official policy in South Africa(now Israel's policy in Israel and Palestine)

An Israeli Democracy Institute 2010 index measured similar sentiments – it found most respondents (55 per cent) believed greater resources should be allocated to Jewish rather than Arab communities.

"The greatest anti-Palestinian trends are among the Ultra-Orthodox community," the poll found. "Eighty-four per cent of them are against civil rights for Palestinians, 83 per cent for separation on roads [and] 53 per cent of annexing areas of the settlements."

The poll analysis provided by the Yisraela Goldblum Fund found: "Anti-Arab racism and support for apartheid are fed by the stalling of negotiations to solve the conflict with the Palestinians over statehood, with settlement construction a major factor.

" There are now more than half a million Jewish settlers living across the 1967 borders in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and settlement expansion continues unabated, despite US and European Union pressure on Israel to suspend construction.

As the poll results were made public, Mr Netanyahu visited one of the largest settlements, Gilo, which is considered illegal under international law.
Established in East Jerusalem in 1971, Gilo is home to more than 32,000 Israelis and Israel announced plans last week to expand the settlement with 800 new apartments.

The selective acceptance of the meanings attached to words indicates a head in the sand approach, it is apparent that this is a form of racism and the world should be ashamed that they have allowed it to continue for such a long time.

As an Australian my father fought for Palestine against the Germans with the allies, for what purpose. This is not the outcome they expected, an apartheid state, never.

22 Oct 2012

Political Police chief's. No,no not in England please!

Ex-Met chief Lord Blair, who has urged public to boycott elections

Former Scotland Yard boss Lord Blair has called on voters to boycott the elections for police and crime commissioners.
The Americanisation of top cops will make them jump when their political masters say jump.

The cross-bench peer said the new brand of political police bosses will not be able to properly represent the large areas they cover.
Politicians will be able to exert undue influence

He said the only way to stop their introduction is to boycott the ballot box when the poll takes place on November 15. The ‘American model’ will not work in Britain.

He warned that chief officers may be put off from mounting political investigations, such as the cash-for-honours affair, because they risk losing their jobs.
"This is just a very strange issue to come forward with at such a difficult time for the country"

‘I have never ever said this before but I actually hope people don’t vote because that’s the only way we’re going to stop this'.
‘I have always been someone who said vote, people have died going up beaches so you could vote, but this is not an appropriate system.’

The likelihood of someone with a police or similar background ever being appointed to these positions is highly unlikely, even though there may be many officers with a wide range of skills that are needed in the position. No instead we will have a politician of sorts.

Someone who has no understanding of policing but a high regard for the politics of power, someone who will do favours for the people that had the political clout to put him or her there.

To America you will go, then you will elect prosecutors and judges, then you'll have local sheriffs and liberalize gun laws, then you will you scrap the pound in favour of the US dollar.

17 Oct 2012

Coalition attacks "A DICTIONARY" Yes today they did.

This attack on The Macquarie dictionary is childish, they are suggesting it is aligned with the government by redefining 'misogyny'

Manager of Opposition Business Christopher Pyne told The Australian the decision to broaden the meaning from the "hatred of women" to include a "deep prejudice against females" did not reflect well on the national dictionary.
“If Macquarie changes its definition of misogyny to something other than what it is, it undermines Macquarie Dictionary in its entirety,” he said.
“The Prime Minister knew when she used the term 'misogyny' that she was calling Tony Abbott a women hater and she should bear the burden of that vicious personal smear.”
“If (Mr Abbott) wants to know what misogyny looks like in modern Australia, he does not need a motion in the House of Representatives; he needs a mirror:” Ms Gillard said recently.
Misogyny ... in the language which I understand it and the way it has been used most recently is a view that there are some people who have a prejudice about women in certain occupations and they have this view in their own head about the status of women and the equality of women.
Macquarie Dictionary editor Sue Butler told The Australian Financial Review today the political debate on the subject highlighted the need to expand the meaning of the word in its next edition.
I might mention that the Macquarie dictionary is reviewed every year, it is not done at whim of any goverment.
Bronwyn Bishop's suggestion is that Julia Gillard has caused it to be changed. She also said“It is improper to change the meaning of a word simply because Julia Gillard doesn’t understand the correct meaning and usage of words.”Come on Bronwyn really?

16 Oct 2012

My cups half full and I'm still pouring.

I'm 70 years old. I don't know how to regard this, am I one year closer to the grave, or miraculous, I'm still here, even if I am creeping about on my bung leg and crook arm.
That's the trouble with being 70. You'd like to run, climb trees, dig the garden, dance and skip up and down stairs, but hell it hurts.
Poor Joe loves running. He used to run four miles four times a week. Last month he felt really good. "I'm going to run up a hill," he said.
And he did. A bit. Then ping! went his hamstring.
No wonder some older persons are drinking more than the permitted amount, which seems rather measly anyway, anyway hangovers aren't what they used to be.
I drank four times what I should have recently, but I was at a pre-birthday dinner party with buddies and we all overdid it, why not, it helped us to forget our impairments: irregular heartbeats, poorly knees, high blood pressure, indigestion, arthritis, un-bendy back, tinnitus, trigger-finger and mild Murray Valley fever virus.
Now I don't want to throw you all into the doldrums. We all vary, the party host who is also past the sound barrier, can still stand on his head, and Aurthur, 69, after a lifetime of yoga, cycling and pottery, can do anything.
Last week he tore off my garage roof and ripped out a fitted wardrobe.(neither of these things needed doing).
I still think our jokes are brilliant and I've got great friends. So it's cup half-full. Hanging on, and still having fun, fun, fun.

Economics Fact or Fiction. In 2012 look at the world. Smart or Dumb?

Dean Baker is a US macro-economist and co-founder of the Centre for Economic and Policy Research.
Article Edited by S W T Read
The wrecking of society
Economics is that what its called?

There is an old story from the heyday of the Soviet Union. Their May Day celebrations they were parading their latest weapon systems down the street in front of the Kremlin. There was a long column of their newest tanks, followed by a row of tractors pulling missiles. Behind these weapons were four pick-up trucks carrying older men in business suits waving to the crowds.

The Communist party boss turned to his defence secretary. He praised the tanks and missiles and then said that he didn't understand the men in business suits.

The defence secretary explained that these men were economists and "their destructive capacity is incredible".

Now I'm sure people across the world understand what the defence secretary meant.
The amount of damage being inflicted on countries around the world by bad economic policy is astounding. As a result of unemployment or underemployment, millions of people are seeing their lives ruined.
The current policies have led to trillions of dollars of lost output.

Bad policy
From an economic standpoint this loss is every bit as devastating as if it building had been destroyed by tanks or bombs or missiles.
Where has the smart economists led us, people have lost their lives, due to inadequate healthcare, food and shelter, or as a result of the depression associated with their grim economic fate. 

United States, the countries of the European Union, or the countries elsewhere in the world that have been caught up in this downturn.
Millions of people should be lining up to enlist in the military, anxious to avenge this outrage.

No they aren't, why because there is no external enemy to blame.

The villains are the economists, still mostly men, in those same business suits. These are the men that sit quietly advising government, why because they are the experts?

This group tell governments around the world that less regulation is beneficial, well I'm not impressed with their so called expertise.    

15 Oct 2012

Murdoch has brain snap again?

Disapproval ... Rupert Murdoch's comment sparked a Twitter backlash.
Rupert Murdoch has labelled victims of phone hacking "scumbag celebrities" after they met the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, during the Conservative party conference.

Mr Murdoch took to Twitter to criticise the talks in Birmingham between Mr Cameron and members of the Hacked Off campaign, the singer Charlotte Church, actor Hugh Grant and a former TV presenter, Jacqui Hames.

Murdoch tweeted: "Told UK's Cameron receiving scumbag celebrities pushing for even more privacy laws. Trust the toffs! Transparency under attack. Bad."

The comments sparked a storm of disapproval, with Mr Murdoch repeatedly asked to apologise for the remarks and remove the tweets.

Hames hit back at the head of News Corporation, tweeting: "Never let the facts get in the way of a good story eh Rupert. Happy to discuss our concerns with you sometime?" She added: "I've been called worse, but admittedly not by CEO of large multinational corp.

This is all bull! Stockbull, not stock cars


Daring Indonesian farmers celebrate end of rice harvest with spectacular cow racing festival


Even the most ardent adrenaline junkie would be forgiven for breaking into a sweat at the sight of these stunning photos of bull racing in Indonesia.
Balancing on just a rudimentary wooden frame and clinging to the animals' tails, competitors careen across muddy paddy fields in an astonishing festival to celebrate the end of the rice harvesting season.
With their hands busy holding on tight, jockeys encourage their steeds to go faster by biting their tails. Yep, that's the truth.
They don't do wheelies or burn rubber, but boy you don't have to do strange things to stock cars exhaust pipes either.
Hold on tight: A competitor clings to his two cows as he takes part in racing Pacu Jawi

Anyway a good race performance can lead to a higher price for those farmers that plan to sell breeding stock.
After each run the bulls are cleaned and the odd Bandiad applied before being herded into a display pen for the buyers to make their choice.
The extraordinary event translates to 'push-ahead cow' in the local language of the Minangkabau tribe.
Thousands of spectators come from far afield to watch the exploits of these stock jockeys.

14 Oct 2012

Australian politics....Turning to trash..Should have a health warning!



The one sentiment that runs  through the comments of every political story on every Australian website, left, right and centre, people think that both parties are stuffed, and that both would do better by focusing on, well, actual governing instead of just going for the other party’s jugular vein. 
The back-flips and flops and incompetence of the current parliament is born out by the attack at all costs attitude of both sides.
The government policies are out there to be debated, like them or not, what do the Coalition do..they ignore the policies, all they do is that they continue to snipe, snipe, snipe instead of developing counter policies, they seem to have no policy...policy....policy .
This is a strange path for a party almost certain to govern within 12 months. They should be putting themselves forward as an alternative not a yapping dog.
The current crop are all bloody dopes anyway and you have got a pair of political parties who are almost impossible to cheer for, they could be kicking goals, but no, all they ever score is points. 
These are sides so bad, no coach would take them on, you can never win a game if all you can do is kick behinds.
So what do we do? We forget about both sides and pay, yes I said pay not pray, we pay this lot to represent us. Maybe I did mean pray after all!
Now, the minute some bloke, probably a shock jock comes along and says “ooh, wasn’t one side or the other impressive yesterday”. Just look at the polls they say...Blah,blah.
This is what we are fed as news.

11 Oct 2012

TONY ABBOTT Can't even read an Electricity bill...How could he run the country?

David Wro


Tony Abbott was accused of misleading Parliament when it was disclosed that he can't even read a power bill correctly.

Yesterday, he claimed a Perth pensioner had suffered a massive hike in her power bill because of the carbon tax when in fact the woman had doubled her electricity usage.

Mr Abbott used question time yesterday afternoon to resume his attacks on the carbon tax, producing a bill from a woman from Perth whose latest bill had more than doubled, or so he said.

Scrutiny of the bill quickly and clearly shows that the resident used nearly twice as much electricity over the most recent period compared with the amount used in the previous one.

We can tell who knows something about life when a person can't even read a power bill. Imagine Tony representing Australia at the G20  What a joke! Check the facts Tony the facts!

9 Oct 2012

ONLY 12 percent of Scots can reach the bottom of their pockets!


Almost nine in ten Scots receive more from the state than they pay in tax because of a ‘corrosive sense of entitlement’ north of the border, a top Tory said yesterday.

Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, said it was ‘frightening’ only 283,080 households – 12 per cent of the total – pay more in taxes than they get back in public services.

8 Oct 2012

GERMANY...true or not...a good story.


By order of Europe!! No more home made jam? Not in these jars!

Don't sell jam in re-used jars... Yes its true, by order of Europe

Tradition of selling home-made preserves 'breaches health and safety rules'

  • people should stop selling preserves in re-used jars it breaches EU health and safety laws.

(No I'm not making this up!)

Home made jams, that are the backbone of church fetes, village fairs and jumble sales all around the country.

Thousands who regularly sell their home-made jam, marmalade or chutney in re-used jars may have to abandon their traditions after a warning that they are breaching European health and safety regulations.

Legal advisers to Britain’s Churches have sent out a circular saying that while people can use jars for jam at home or to give to family and friends, they cannot sell them or even give them away as raffle prizes at a public event.

What other Traditions are you Brit's about to loose because of EU meddling.
I believe there is some talk of banning the Union Jack because the colours are capable of causing stress to citizens of countries who fought you in past wars, now that's real forward thinking.

As for using the words RULE BRITANNIA in a song, well this is likely to be very distressing to some, so watch out, it could be banned soon.


                        THE END                                              THE END


Tony Abbott.....I'll get my wife onto you!!!!

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott does not need to get his wife to front the media to convince the pubic that he's a nice guy, all he has to do is become a nice guy if he can?

The image that Abbott has fostered is that of a hard man and a bully, much the same as his mate Alan Jones. If this an image that has been deliberately concocted and it has been very well done, then he must wear it, he created it no one else.

Tony is his own man, surely using his wife to change his image is like threatening to tell mummy on some one.
Isn't he big enough and ugly enough to fight his own battles without dragging his wife into it.
Family life is no indication of how a person behaves in another environment, anyone who is married can vouch for that. There is old saying love is blind..and it can be.

As for Tony's image, well he could start by by showing some positivity occasionally and avoiding getting into personal attacks, if he wants to bark like a dog he's got Jeremy, why do it himself ?

Every time his team use attack dog antics he joins in, it is no wonder a lot of women can't stand him, that is all they ever see.

Aggression is not an endearing look and it does nothing to explain what you stand for, no, no, no is not a policy it wears thin when it's all we hear for years.

Wake up Tony if your in there anywhere, come on out, let's see the real you....otherwise you will loose the un-loosable next election.

The biggest Radio BULLY(Alan Jones) CAN'T TAKE THE HEAT

Australian radio broadcaster Alan Jones.
Alan Jones says "21st century cyber bullying'' is the reason all commercials have been pulled from his radio breakfast show.

This is the the guy who bullies anyone on the radio that does not agree with him, this guy has made bullying an art form!

5 Oct 2012

News Ltd Australian boss. He can't read,can he?

Kim Williams News Ltd, good news is not dead!(he must have never read the Australian) 

"Great journalism is dead", Mr Williams said evidence to the contrary was everywhere.
"There is much to be positive about: robust, continuing and truly great journalism;(I can't find it, I"ve tried) sustainable business models for print and shiny new business models in digital media; and a heightened and voracious appetite from consumers for diverse news and information across their spectrum of passions and interests," he said.
He says"Too often today we hear that great journalism is dead: that no investigative journalism happens, there is too much opinion,(all we ever see is opinion) and that fine writing and arduous effort have been replaced by vox pops and tweets.(I think he means shock jocks and tweets)

Well Kim I don't know what planet you live, the amount personal opinion written in your newspapers can not be avoided, its as if, god forbid, they are all politically injected with only one opinion.

The Australian newspaper in its infancy was a great newspaper, what happened! I hate to say this but, its been Murdoched to death.

The best advice I can give to anyone interested in balanced political journalism is, don't waste your money buying the Australian, finding a balanced article is like pulling teeth, it has become a joke.

Yes there are good journalist working on this paper but their voices are drowned out by the opinionated who seem to feature in prime position.

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