14 Oct 2012

Australian politics....Turning to trash..Should have a health warning!



The one sentiment that runs  through the comments of every political story on every Australian website, left, right and centre, people think that both parties are stuffed, and that both would do better by focusing on, well, actual governing instead of just going for the other party’s jugular vein. 
The back-flips and flops and incompetence of the current parliament is born out by the attack at all costs attitude of both sides.
The government policies are out there to be debated, like them or not, what do the Coalition do..they ignore the policies, all they do is that they continue to snipe, snipe, snipe instead of developing counter policies, they seem to have no policy...policy....policy .
This is a strange path for a party almost certain to govern within 12 months. They should be putting themselves forward as an alternative not a yapping dog.
The current crop are all bloody dopes anyway and you have got a pair of political parties who are almost impossible to cheer for, they could be kicking goals, but no, all they ever score is points. 
These are sides so bad, no coach would take them on, you can never win a game if all you can do is kick behinds.
So what do we do? We forget about both sides and pay, yes I said pay not pray, we pay this lot to represent us. Maybe I did mean pray after all!
Now, the minute some bloke, probably a shock jock comes along and says “ooh, wasn’t one side or the other impressive yesterday”. Just look at the polls they say...Blah,blah.
This is what we are fed as news.