17 Oct 2012

Coalition attacks "A DICTIONARY" Yes today they did.

This attack on The Macquarie dictionary is childish, they are suggesting it is aligned with the government by redefining 'misogyny'

Manager of Opposition Business Christopher Pyne told The Australian the decision to broaden the meaning from the "hatred of women" to include a "deep prejudice against females" did not reflect well on the national dictionary.
“If Macquarie changes its definition of misogyny to something other than what it is, it undermines Macquarie Dictionary in its entirety,” he said.
“The Prime Minister knew when she used the term 'misogyny' that she was calling Tony Abbott a women hater and she should bear the burden of that vicious personal smear.”
“If (Mr Abbott) wants to know what misogyny looks like in modern Australia, he does not need a motion in the House of Representatives; he needs a mirror:” Ms Gillard said recently.
Misogyny ... in the language which I understand it and the way it has been used most recently is a view that there are some people who have a prejudice about women in certain occupations and they have this view in their own head about the status of women and the equality of women.
Macquarie Dictionary editor Sue Butler told The Australian Financial Review today the political debate on the subject highlighted the need to expand the meaning of the word in its next edition.
I might mention that the Macquarie dictionary is reviewed every year, it is not done at whim of any goverment.
Bronwyn Bishop's suggestion is that Julia Gillard has caused it to be changed. She also said“It is improper to change the meaning of a word simply because Julia Gillard doesn’t understand the correct meaning and usage of words.”Come on Bronwyn really?

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