5 Oct 2012

News Ltd Australian boss. He can't read,can he?

Kim Williams News Ltd, good news is not dead!(he must have never read the Australian) 

"Great journalism is dead", Mr Williams said evidence to the contrary was everywhere.
"There is much to be positive about: robust, continuing and truly great journalism;(I can't find it, I"ve tried) sustainable business models for print and shiny new business models in digital media; and a heightened and voracious appetite from consumers for diverse news and information across their spectrum of passions and interests," he said.
He says"Too often today we hear that great journalism is dead: that no investigative journalism happens, there is too much opinion,(all we ever see is opinion) and that fine writing and arduous effort have been replaced by vox pops and tweets.(I think he means shock jocks and tweets)

Well Kim I don't know what planet you live, the amount personal opinion written in your newspapers can not be avoided, its as if, god forbid, they are all politically injected with only one opinion.

The Australian newspaper in its infancy was a great newspaper, what happened! I hate to say this but, its been Murdoched to death.

The best advice I can give to anyone interested in balanced political journalism is, don't waste your money buying the Australian, finding a balanced article is like pulling teeth, it has become a joke.

Yes there are good journalist working on this paper but their voices are drowned out by the opinionated who seem to feature in prime position.

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