8 Oct 2012

Tony Abbott.....I'll get my wife onto you!!!!

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott does not need to get his wife to front the media to convince the pubic that he's a nice guy, all he has to do is become a nice guy if he can?

The image that Abbott has fostered is that of a hard man and a bully, much the same as his mate Alan Jones. If this an image that has been deliberately concocted and it has been very well done, then he must wear it, he created it no one else.

Tony is his own man, surely using his wife to change his image is like threatening to tell mummy on some one.
Isn't he big enough and ugly enough to fight his own battles without dragging his wife into it.
Family life is no indication of how a person behaves in another environment, anyone who is married can vouch for that. There is old saying love is blind..and it can be.

As for Tony's image, well he could start by by showing some positivity occasionally and avoiding getting into personal attacks, if he wants to bark like a dog he's got Jeremy, why do it himself ?

Every time his team use attack dog antics he joins in, it is no wonder a lot of women can't stand him, that is all they ever see.

Aggression is not an endearing look and it does nothing to explain what you stand for, no, no, no is not a policy it wears thin when it's all we hear for years.

Wake up Tony if your in there anywhere, come on out, let's see the real you....otherwise you will loose the un-loosable next election.

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