4 Nov 2012

AMERICA A great country. Voting system joke!

From an article by Annabel Crabb heavily edited by S W T Read


They vote to elect a president on Tuesday.

And then;

Vote to elect members of Congress



Members of the county soil and water boards

Local lollipop guys

Then county administrations with time on their hands ad anyone they think ought to be elected.
Including election officials. They're elected, too, in a disturbing hall-of-mirrors phenomenon

And why do they vote on a Tuesday well......
An Omniscient Administered Agency knows but barely anyone in the US does.

Back in 1845 when this decision was made, the US was an agrarian society in which voters needed a full day to travel to town by horse and buggy to do their democratic duty.
Weekends were out, because they were reserved for worship. And Wednesday was market day. So Tuesday it was. And Tuesday it remains, despite the fact that Tuesday is convenient for pretty much nobody.

Why is it such a big deal when of all the adults in the US who are eligible to vote - a fraction more than 200 million - just 57.1 per cent bothered to do so at the last presidential election. And that they thought was great turnout.

Voting in the US is like a lucky dip because the methods of voting varies from state to state, now that's a statement in its self.
I haven't enough room to go into detail on this one it's enough to say its b*****y crazy.

Thank god for our Electoral Commission in Australia, and guess what you can register to vote anywhere in the country....what a strange idea.........and the method doesn't change when ever a state government changes.

We may feel marginalised at international conferences, sitting at the enforced-compulsory-voting table, which has only 19 global members but its our table we made it happen.

We own it.
Is there anything wrong with asking everyone their opinion, and asking it in a methodical, predictable, even plodding way.

In a world of cheap dictatorships and democracies for sale or rent, we have a slightly cumbersome system. Its predictable and honest, without impediments to be manipulated by parties.

We want people to vote and weather we like it or not we get the government we vote for, we know that where ever we vote in our country the system is the same and it works pretty b****y well.

Let Me Vote
Every vote counts. Your right to vote 
is one of the most basic rights you have as 
an American. Many states’ rules have 
changed so make sure you know what you 
need to do to vote in your state this year.
YEP...You need to access a web site to see if things have changed once again.