23 Nov 2012

Crooks go to UK's Iceland to eat.

In Iceland you can't steal meat or cheese
vegetables maybe?,before the price rises.

A Supermarket chain is forced to put lamb and even cheese in anti-theft security boxes

  • Supermarket chain Iceland says that it has been forced into 'defence mechanisms' by growing number of HUNGRY shoplifters
  • The security tactic has been employed in hundreds of stores throughout the UK

Charity bosses are not surprised by a rise in food thefts because food prices are forcing many families to be 'desperate' for food

Stop thief: Hungry shoplifters won't be stealing these lamb joints in a hurry, they are encased in a security box

Crime-hit supermarket chain Iceland, has resorted to using the 'lamb saver boxes', normally used to protect more expensive goods, however with the cost of meat rising  they consider employing this measure which triggers an alarm if a shoplifter attempts to leave the store with meat products to be cost effective.

The security tactic has been employed in hundreds of the chain's stores across the UK.

Cheese and meat joints have been locked away in security-sealed boxes by a crime-hit supermarket in a bid to thwart hungry thieves.

Checkout assistants at the stores have told customers the supermarket chain also plans to fix security tags to its cheese - or lock the dairy goods away from reach.

The motorcycle store manager and father-of-three from Herne Bay, Kent, said: 'I just think it is sad that people feel they have to steal from Iceland to survive.
'What is the world coming to? When I saw them I couldn’t believe it.

'Someone trying to swipe something expensive from Marks & Spencer you can almost understand, but pinching meat from Iceland?

'What will they do next, put an electric fence around the fish fingers?