14 Nov 2012

Jewish community not immune from Sexual Abuse.

  • November 14, 201212:00AM

VICTIMS of child sexual abuse in Melbourne's Jewish community are being ordered by religious leaders not to report incidents to police.
Jewish community insiders say Melbourne's ultra-Orthodox Chabad community has banded together to cover up cases of sexual abuse.
Sources have also accused Jewish leaders of intimidating victims, their families and supporters and threatening to expel them from the tight-knit community.
One of the global Chabad community's most senior figures has categorically warned at least one victim he could not report allegations of abuse to police, the Herald Sun has confirmed.
The senior rabbi, who was a leader in education for several decades within the Australian Chabad movement, said doing so would ruin the alleged perpetrator's life and would amount to "grave sin" under Jewish law.
The victim said he had raised the allegations with the rabbi at the time but said nothing was done.

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